When does registration open for new classes?

Each school PTA has their own date on which registration will open. Please check your PTA’s website, and/or keep an eye on your school’s newsletter.

Can you email me when registration opens?

Yes, send an email to parentsupport@creativecoding.com with your child’s name and school and we’ll be happy to get them student on the waitlist. We’ll email you on the date the PTA lets us know it’s OK to accept students. Please note that sometimes the newsletter announcement goes out before we hear from the PTA, so parents know before we do!

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations more than 2 weeks before start of class will receive a full refund less a $50 cancellation fee. Cancellations less than 2 weeks before the start of the class will also be charged a $50 cancellation fee, with the balance only being refunded if we can fill the spot from our wait list.

What is your scholarship policy?

During the school year, we offer 1 free seat to each school’s PTA, as a standard policy. Many PTA’s also support additional scholarships.

We have also partnered with some schools to introduce school-or-PTA subsidized classes, sometimes in partnerships with local charities or individual donors, to lower our overall price for all students in that school, or offer more scholarships.

At our summer camps, we have more control over the situation and implement a “pay what you can” policy to keep our summer camps accessible. That’s something we’ve done since our founding in 2013. This has ensured our classes are open to ALL students, regardless of financial means. So, if you can afford to pay full price, please do so. That way, we can continue this policy and serve those with less financial means.

We are actively seeking to expand our scholarship program to be able to serve a wider economic range of families. If you or your employer would like to discuss ways to help with this effort, or you just have something to suggest, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at parentsupport@creativecoding.com.

Do you offer custom camps and classes?

We’d love to set up a camp just for your group! If you have a group of kids interested in coding, we can arrange a camp or class to meet your specific requirements and needs.  Just email our Parent Support Team at parentsupport@creativecoding.com and they’ll work with you to create an awesome experience for your coders.

How do I set up a Scratch account?

All of our students in Core and Studio classes need their own account on Scratch, the software we use to make games. If you need to set up a new account, head to https://scratch.mit.edu and click on “Join Scratch”.

What can my student do from home?

Your student can always log into scratch from your home computer and keep working on their games. You can also can check out the games we’re working on and some of the “challenges” we present in class. Just type “CCNick” into the search bar.

How can I bring classes to my school?

The best way for us to bring a coding program to a new school is at the request of the parents. If you think your kids’ school is a great fit, get in touch with us or request that your school or PTA get in touch! We’ll do our best to work with the school and get the ball rolling. Email us at Schools@CreativeCoding.com.

Are you hiring?

Yes, we’re always looking for enthusiastic, hardworking individuals to join our teaching team. Check out what we’re looking for here.

Do you have a Parent Support number I can call?

Yes, our Parent Support number is 206-569-8424.

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, our Facebook address is Facebook.com/CreativeCoding.