Coding should be fun! That’s why we focus on the creative side of programming, so that our students don’t get bogged down in the details and get frustrated when their program doesn’t work because of a single missing semicolon. We use a program with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows the user to make what they want to make, while learning the fundamental logic of coding that underlies every written language.

Coding can be hard! Even without the possibility of typos and syntax errors, making a program work the way you want it to can be very difficult for anyone. But the bigger the obstacle, the greater the victory! We want our students to feel that sense of accomplishment, so we let them own that difficulty; we guide them through planning and problem-solving techniques, but the challenge is theirs to overcome and the satisfaction is theirs to earn.

Coding is what you do with it! Some people like making games. Some people like making animations. Some people like making calculators. Everyone enjoys doing different things with coding, so why should we tell our students what to do with it? In our classes, kids choose what they want to make. There’s nothing to motivate someone like their own ideas coming to life. That’s why our classes are designed so every student gets to share and discuss their ideas, and receive plenty of individual support to see those ideas become reality!