Creative Coding’s live teachers will inspire your child in a supportive environment, welcoming for all genders. We make learning coding fun, by letting your child write their own, unique computer game, based on their own ideas. We’ve found that supporting true creativity through coding gives kids a sense of joy, freedom, and power they can’t really get “In Real Life”. This creates a hunger to learn more.

Using positive reinforcement and proven, project-based learning, we make sure your child succeeds, at their own pace. Then, the social aspects really come into play. Kids love sharing their creations, and cheer each other on to learning more. Nothing feels more like victory than the adoration of your peers. Nothing builds self-esteem, confidence, and persistence in quite the same way.

As a fellow parent, I highly recommend giving this lifelong gift to your child. Give the gift of coding, and celebrate their present and future success.

-Eric Fredrickson



  • "My son couldn't stop talking about everything he'd learned... he had so much fun!"

    -Maria, Seattle

  • "My son says this is the best summer camp he's ever taken, and we've taken a lot."

    -Sarah S, Seattle

  • "This class is amazing. It's incredible what these kids are learning, and they're having fun! That's the key!"

    -Bill K, Seattle